Organisation Chart Commissioner for Transport Deputy Commissioner/Transport Services and Management Deputy Commissioner/Planning and Technical Services Administration and Licensing Branch Bus and Railway Branch Management and Paratransit Branch Urban Regional Offices New Territories Regional Offices Planning Branch Technical Services Branch Internal Audit Unit Departmental Secretariat Information & Public Relations Unit Corporate Communication Unit Finance & Supplies Unit Human Resource Development Unit Task Force/Walkability

Organisational Structure and Contact Numbers of Transport Department
Office of the Commissioner
Commissioner for Transport Ms Mable CHAN, JP Tel No: 2829 5200
Fax No: 2824 0433
Deputy Commissioner/Transport Services and Management Ms Macella LEE, JP Tel No: 2829 5202
Fax No: 2824 0433
Deputy Commissioner/Planning and Technical Services Mr TANG Wai-leung Tel No: 2829 5810
Fax No: 2824 0433
Administration and Licensing Branch
Assistant Commissioner/Administration and Licensing Mr Reginald CHAN Tel No: 2829 5206
Fax No: 2824 0433
Bus and Railway Branch
Assistant Commissioner/Bus and Railway Miss Rachel KWAN Tel No: 2829 5210
Fax No: 2824 0433
Management and Paratransit Branch
Assistant Commissioner/Management and Paratransit Ms Stella LEE Tel No: 2829 5208
Fax No: 2824 0433
Urban Regional Offices
Assistant Commissioner/Urban Mr PANG Wai-shing Tel No: 2829 5212
Fax No: 2824 0433
New Territories Regional Offices
Assistant Commissioner/New Territories Ms Irene HO Tel No: 2399 2525 
Fax No: 2381 3799
Planning Branch
Assistant Commissioner/Planning Mr CHAN Yu-yuen Tel No: 2829 5388
Fax No: 2824 0433
Technical Services Branch
Assistant Commissioner/Technical Services Mr Peter WONG Tel No: 2829 5216
Fax No: 2824 0433
Internal Audit Unit
Treasury Accountant/Internal Audit Ms Emily CHEUNG Tel No: 2529 7286
Fax No: 2186 7569
Corporate Communication Unit
Chief Transport Officer/Corporate Communication Mr KWONG Ka-yin Tel No: 2294 2605
Fax No: 2294 2608
Departmental Secretariat
Departmental Secretary Ms Felicia TONG Tel No: 2829 5231
Fax No: 2511 6545
Finance & Supplies Unit
Senior Treasury Accountant Ms Joey LAM Tel No: 2829 5271
Fax No: 2511 8782
Information & Public Relations Unit
Principal Information Officer Ms Josephine WONG Tel No: 2829 5222
Fax No: 2824 0433
Human Resource Development Unit
Chief Training Officer Mrs Polly SHUEN Tel No: 2829 5828
Fax No: 2824 0433
Task Force/Walkability
Programme Manager/Walkability Mr Kevin LUK Tel No: 2829 5213
Fax No: 2824 0433