Organisation Chart Commissioner for Transport Deputy Commissioner/Transport Services and Management Deputy Commissioner/Planning and Technical Services Administration and Licensing Branch Bus and Railway Branch Management and Paratransit Branch Urban Regional Offices New Territories Regional Offices Planning Branch Technical Services Branch Information & Public Relations Unit Corporate Communication Unit Internal Audit Unit

Organisational Structure and Contact Numbers of Transport Department
Office of the Commissioner
Commissioner for Transport Mrs Ingrid YEUNG, JP Tel No: 2829 5200
Fax No: 2824 0433
Deputy Commissioner/Transport Services and Management Ms Macella LEE, JP Tel No: 2829 5202
Fax No: 2824 0433
Deputy Commissioner/Planning and Technical Services Mr TANG Wai-leung Tel No: 2829 5810
Fax No: 2824 0433
Information & Public Relations Unit
Principal Information Officer Ms Josephine WONG Tel No: 2829 5222
Fax No: 2824 0433
Administration and Licensing Branch
Assistant Commissioner/Administration and Licensing Mr Reginald CHAN Tel No: 2829 5206
Fax No: 2824 0433
Bus and Railway Branch
Assistant Commissioner/Bus and Railway Miss Rachel KWAN Tel No: 2829 5210
Fax No: 2824 0433
Management and Paratransit Branch
Assistant Commissioner/Management and Paratransit Ms Stella LEE Tel No: 2829 5208
Fax No: 2824 0433
Urban Regional Offices
Assistant Commissioner/Urban Mr PANG Wai-shing Tel No: 2829 5212
Fax No: 2824 0433
New Territories Regional Offices
Assistant Commissioner/New Territories Ms Irene HO Tel No: 2399 2525 
Fax No: 2381 3799
Planning Branch
Assistant Commissioner/Planning Mr CHAN Yu-yuen Tel No: 2829 5388
Fax No: 2824 0433
Technical Services Branch
Assistant Commissioner/Technical Services Mr Peter WONG Tel No: 2829 5216
Fax No: 2824 0433
Internal Audit Unit
Treasury Accountant/Internal Audit Ms TANG Shung-hei Tel No: 2529 7286
Fax No: 2186 7569
Corporate Communication Unit
Chief Transport Officer/Corporate Communication Mr KWONG Ka-yin Tel No: 2294 2605
Fax No: 2294 2608